Easy Online Invoicing Solutions for Designers & Stylists

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One of the most difficult things in running your own business is figuring out how to easily charge clients and get paid!

At Stylevise, we get many questions from stylists and designers around billing and accounting – specifically about how to best invoice clients for their services (e.g. interior design, interior styling, event styling, personal styling or wardrobe consulting, photo styling, etc.). Given we’ve done some research in this space ourselves, we thought we’d share a number of easy online invoicing solutions (all cloud-based software providers) that can quickly and easily help you with this part of your business!

We hope you will find the list of easy online invoicing solutions below helpful in growing your business as a stylist or designer.

Easy Online Invoicing Solutions FOR YOUR BUSINESS

When it came to our top four choices, we were looking for easy online invoicing solutions that were easy to use, had a clean user interface, were cloud-based (so they could be used anywhere!), and were relatively inexpensive.  Another super important criteria when researching (and selecting) easy online invoicing solutions was the ability to send an invoice easily via email and collect payment electronically.

Overall, we wanted to provide you with a short, curated list to make your life easier (while still providing options to review and choose from for your own business).  All of the easy online invoicing solutions below win points for their ability to meet the needs of a creative freelancer such as the talented stylists and designers on the Stylevise platform.

1) Xero.

We use Xero at Stylevise for our invoicing solution.

We use Xero at Stylevise for our invoicing solution.

We use Xero here at Stylevise as our full accounting solution and as a very easy online invoicing solution. We really like the invoicing feature  that is a part of this accounting platform. It’s easy to create an invoice directly in the software program, and then email a copy to your client. When you do, you can customize the text, your logo and other design elements so that it looks just the way you would like. When your client receives the invoice via email, they can directly click on the invoice to pay electronically. This helps you get paid faster!  Xero has an intro plan starting at under $7/m, and their standard plan is currently on sale for $21/m.

2) 17 Hats.

17Hats is a cool, comprehensive platform for creative freelancers that includes a great invoicing tool.

17Hats is a cool, comprehensive platform for creative freelancers that includes a great invoicing tool.

17Hats is a new freelancer solution that has many, many features to keep your life more sane and your business more organized. It’s one of the easiest online invoicing solutions out there for sure, but also does much more beyond just invoicing! (This is different from Xero, which really is more of an accounting platform than a company-management system!) Along with its other features (those 17Hats that the company name refers to!), there are many positive reviews for its invoicing system. You can customize the invoice with your logo and message. You can use the system to help you accept credit cards from clients, and 17Hats doesn’t take any markup on the payment processing fees. Currently, the monthly plan is $29/m, but that goes down if you pay annually. And, you’ll get access to additional features like project management and client management tools.

3) Freshbooks.

FreshBooks has a cheerful and helpful interface when it comes to easy online invoicing solutions.

FreshBooks has a cheerful and helpful interface when it comes to easy online invoicing solutions.

FreshBooks is another company that has gotten a lot of rave reviews lately and has a sleek integrated invoicing system. We love the clean user interface on this product, which we know is important to designers and stylists! It’s easy to create an invoice and easy to track if the invoice has been viewed and/or paid. Using FreshBooks, you can accept credit cards and get paid online.  There are other neat features too, like time tracking – which we know is helpful when you are getting a handle on how much time you are spending on a project, or need to bill to a client if charging by the hour. You can do some nerdy (but fun) analysis on your business too using the data from invoicing and time tracking. Ultimately, FreshBooks is a solid contender in the field of choices you have when it comes to easy online invoicing solutions! Packages start at around $10/m.

4) Invoiceable.

Invoiceable is a free and easy to use tool.

Invoiceable is a free and easy-to-use invoicing tool.

If all you need is a fast (and free!) option to build simple invoices and get paid online, you should definitely check out Invoiceable.  It’s easy to keep track of clients here, create invoices (even on mobile devices), and send them directly to clients. Nice, right?! There is online payment options available via PayPal as well.  It’s simple, but it is free!  (There is an annual upcharge if you remove links from ongoing invoices.) Invoiceable is worth checking out, especially if you don’t need an all-encompassing business management solution.

5) PayPal.

PayPal for Invoicing

Lastly, let’s not forget PayPal if you’re looking for a  free, simple and no-frills option to create an invoice and get paid by clients. PayPal lets you easily send professional business invoices via email (you can also save up to 10 different invoice templates). You can find instructions for how to send an invoice  using PayPal here.


Invoicing can take a lot of time and be pretty frustrating, but luckily there are a lot of great easy online invoicing solutions out there to make it easier now! Check out the affordable (or free) invoicing providers above and find the one that works best for you.

Let us know what you end up using or if you have any other suggestions for easy online invoicing solutions in the comments below, because we absolutely love passing on good advice to other stylists and designers!

Thanks in advance, and happy styling!

PS – if you’re looking for a place to get more exposure for your design or styling business, check us out. At Stylevise, we’re building the place to find and hire designers and stylists.

7 Sources for Perfect Lighting Solutions

Stylevise tested-and-approved places you can find amazing lighting solutions for your home and office!

Finding a great lighting solution is never easy. We find it’s one of the trickiest – but most important – parts of great interior design and styling. In fact, the fact that finding lighting solutions is so very tough was a big part of why we founded Stylevise.

We are passionate about making it easy to find a great designer or stylist who specializes in lighting solutions.  Currently, we have many A-list, talented stylists and designers on the Stylevise platform who can help you with lighting solutions, and we are working hard everyday to bring you even more.

In addition to helping people find and hire stylists and designers who can help create lighting solutions for your home or office, we also wanted to share some of our favorite “Perfect Lighting Solution Sources” right away so you could browse on your own when in the process of shopping for lighting.  Check it out below, or you can always refer to the Stylevise Sourcebook (bookmark it!) for an ever-updated list of great styling and design resources, shared directly with us from many of our talented designers and stylists themselves.

So, without further ado, our current list of sources providing perfect lighting solutions (including many we have seen designers and stylists on our platform recommend to clients, and have  in our own home!)


1) Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.  We love how they partner with talented makers, featuring products from incredible designers. Shop online, the catalog or visit a showroom in Portland (its flagship store) or NYC.

We love finding classic, retro lighting fixtures at Schoolhouse Electric.

We love finding classic, retro lighting fixtures at Schoolhouse Electric.

2) YLighting. YLighting has such a great lighting selection from top international brands. We especially love the “Get Inspired” section on the website for Q/A articles with top designers and top ten picks.

An amazing selection awaits at YLighting.

An amazing selection awaits at YLighting.

3) LampsPlusWho knew LampsPlus had so many quality, well-priced lighting options!? It’s nice they have showrooms in most western states in the US too.  We have seen some tough style dilemmas solved with a reasonably priced option from this retailer!

A ton of options and some great price points at LampsPlus (and a Stylist can help guide you through all of it!)

A ton of options and some great price points at LampsPlus (and a Stylist can help guide you through all of it!)

4) Rejuvenation. A lovely place to find high-quality, period lighting fixtures. We could get lost in this catalog, dreaming about the lovely historic homes we would like to renovate. We love that they partner with American craftspeople whenever possible.

It's fun to dream about renovating amazing old houses with this catalog in hand.

It’s fun to dream about renovating amazing old houses with this catalog in hand.

5) Currey & Company.  While Currey is to-the-trade, we couldn’t help but include it here. It’s lovely offerings are just breath-taking and are sure to get a big response from any visitors in your home.

Our favorite chandelier of all time is from this classic source, so we had to include it!

Our favorite lighting of all time is from this classic source, so we had to include it!

6) Circa LightingThere’s a lot to offer here, including free shipping in the US and 100% price match guarantee. Check out the company’s Pinterest page for lighting ideas and inspiration.

The sconces from Circa are to die for, and we all know how hard it is to find those!

The lighting from Circa is to die for.

7) Wayfair. A classic place to get tons of home accessories, and their offerings when it comes to lighting solutions are definitely worth checking out.  We’ve also found that Wayfair also has great prices on lighting designs offered through multiple retailers, so it’s a good place to price check a particular item you may have your eye on. Great customer service as well.

Already a classic resource, and for a good reason!

Already a classic resource, and for a good reason!

There you have some great places to start looking for lighting solutions for your home or office beyond your local Home Depot.

Do you have any other great lighting sources to add? We would love you to share in comments below, on Facebook, or even email us directly (you’ll find contact info on the site!)

If you would like to get proposals from interior stylists excited to work with you on your lighting solutions, you can submit a “request for interior styling proposals” here.  And have an amazing week!  And happy Styling!

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Back to School Checklist for Boys

Are you ready for back to school yet?

We know school is here (or almost here!) for many, but we are hitting the stores this weekend to make sure we have all the items we need for the school season. We made a “back to school checklist for boys” and wanted to share it with you, in case it helped YOU in preparing for the season ahead!


Back to School Checklist for Boys

A check list for elementary school aged boys to help you get organized this season!

What’s on your back to school checklist for boys? Or girls, for that matter?! Let us know what we are missing!

And happy shopping!

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Interior Styling with Stylist Daniele Maxwell

Interior Stylist Daniele Maxwell

We received a lot of positive feedback from our readers about our last Stylist Spotlight featuring event stylist Emily Cannwhich excites us about sharing this month’s Stylist Spotlight feature!

People are excited to read more about the talented stylists and designers on the Stylevise platform and learn about more ways stylists can help them in their everyday lives! (On that note, you’ll soon be able to visit the Stylevise website and learn more about each of our stylists and designers by browsing each of their StyleStudios (like this one here) featured on the “Meet our stylists page!)

Today, we are so pleased to bring you our next Stylist Spotlightfeaturing interior stylist Daniele Maxwell of Castro Valley, California. You can browse her StyleStudio here.

Interior Stylist Daniele Maxwell

Daniele is an interior stylist on the Stylevise platform.

Daniele is a specialist in interior styling and decoration, as well as in table top and floral design. After reading this post, we hope you get to know Daniele better as well as get inspired by some great interior styling and interior decoration ideas from her portfolio!

Q. What kind of styling do you love most, and how did you get started in the space?
I love styling interiors and flowers. I started my design career off working on films, as a set decorator and prop buyer. Now, I work in California as an interior stylist.

Interior Styling - Plants

We love how Daniele mixes these vessels and their combination of textures and colors.

Q. What style trends are you loving this summer?
When it comes to interior styling, I’m currently loving bright colors, wood finishes, fun, bold patterns and boho-inspired prints.

Interior Styling - Console Table

We love the bold print used in this interior styling project Daniele recently completed!

Q. What fun, stylish places have you visited lately?
I just got back from a road trip to Santa Barbara, CA, Sedona, AZ, and Santa Fe, NM – all amazingly beautiful and spiritual places! Next, I’d like to visit Bali, Playa Del Carmen, Chile and Catskills, NY.

Daniele stayed in this stylish vacation home in Santa Fe. What a great vacation!

Daniele stayed in this stylish vacation home in Santa Fe. What a great spot (and so well styled!)

Q. What style and design websites do you most turn to for inspiration?
My favorite style-oriented websites are Design Sponge, Domaine Home, Apartment Therapy, Domino, Remodelista, and The Sartorialist.  And of course, I still love Pinterest for gathering interior styling ideas and inspiration! (Check out Daniele’s Pinterest here.)

Thanks so much for sharing, Daniele!
You can stay in touch with Daniele by following her on Instagram hereor by messaging her directly on Stylevise here with a question or if you’d like to inquire about having her help you with the styling of your space! Our talented interior stylists like Daniele help lots of people style their spaces – both indoors and outdoors.  We invite you to head on over and check out some interior styling examples of past projects on the Stylevise platform!

Happy summer – and happy styling!

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Wallpaper Designs to Love: Pretty, Practical + Eco-Friendly

How to Choose Wallpaper Designs You Love

Help finding wallpaper, and how to choose it, is a common project inquiry at Stylevise. Wallpaper is tricky to pick out. It is important to choose wallpaper designs you really love, as well as find those with the kind of finish and functionality you need.

Today’s post highlights a recent project on the Stylevise platform about choosing wallpaper and wallpaper designs. We were really excited for this project, because it shows how just a little bit of style and design guidance can go a long way!


The client, Jessica, was looking to style the back of her kitchen shelves with a fun wallpaper design choice.  As she stated in her original project inquiry, “I need help finding the perfect wallpaper that’s not too grandma-ish.” She wanted to find some wallpaper designs that were fun, modern and with a hint of vintage. Stylevise was happy to help and quickly got to work getting proposals from talented interior stylists excited to work with her for her review.


Jessica reviewed the proposals she received, and ended up selecting talented stylist Shauna Johnson to help her with her wallpaper designs dilemma. Jessica and Shauna worked together during follow-up conversations homing in on more of the things that Jessica was looking for in her space.

Shauna did quite a bit of research and ended up narrowing a very wide field down to four perfect options that would best suit Jessica’s space and taste. Jessica had kids, so Shauna made sure that all of these choices were eco-friendly and non-toxic – completely safe to have in the house with little ones. She also made sure her recommendations didn’t require a 2-roll minimum (which would require Jessica buying far too much wallpaper than necessary, and spending more than she needed or had budgeted). How lovely – and helpful!

Wallpaper Designs Options

The first two wallpaper design options were bright with a bit of vintage flair.

Shauna started with recommendations from Etsy and Graham and Brown. We loved these feminine, classy looks.

More Wallpaper Design Options

The next wallpaper design options were a tad bolder and brighter.

Shauna later presented a few more options from Etsy and the very cool website for sourcing wallpapers, Spoonflower. We loved these bold options with florals that were modern but never too girly.


In her guide, Shauna also offered a few simple tips for picking a wallpaper design that works well for your home and setting it off to its best advantage. We have summarized them here:

1) Make a space bright with colors that pop. Shauna chose a variety of strong, complementary colors that would enhance the light in Jessica’s kitchen. She wanted to keep the space bright, airy and cheerful. We love this yellow wallpaper design option with plenty of white to keep things light and lovely in the kitchen.

2) Think about which material you prefer. Shauna offered Jessica a variety of material choices, including peel and stick options and a more vintage-feeling fabric option (Mercutio, a delicate floral and foliage design) that could be applied with an eco-friendly wallpaper paste.

3) Style the wallpaper with coordinating accessories. Because this wallpaper was to be used behind shelves, Shauna considered what types of objects could be placed on the shelves to best complement the wallpaper.  For example, for the Peony Dark Salmon Peel and Stick Fabric Wallpaper from Etsy, she suggested styling the shelves with bright white bowls.

We hope this post has provided just a few helpful tips that allow you to more easily pick wallpaper designs you love!  Any other tips to share? We would love to hear about them below!

If we can help you with an interior styling dilemma, please do not hesitate to reach out! Many others have had great success using Stylevise to help solve their interior styling needs! It’s quick and easy to get started, and free to get proposals from talented stylists and designers on the platform excited to work with you.

Happy Styling!

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Back to School Supplies List :: Stylevise Edit, August 2015

Our talented stylists share some back-to-school favorites - and not your average Joe, basic back-to-school favorites - in this shoppable guide.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” ― Oscar Wilde

Is summer really coming to an end!? We will certainly miss the lazy mornings and warm sun. But, here’s our dirty little (nerdy) secret – we’ve simply always loved Back to School. New stuff, new teachers, a new year? Seems like nothing but possibility on the horizon. And the sweet smell of a new book and a freshly sharpened pencil.

And (!) this is the best start to Back to School ever since we get to ask our amazing stylists and designers what they are including on their back to school supplies list. These picks are not your average, ho-hum notebooks and pencil cases. These are must-have items for simply the most stylish school year yet.

So, here you go…our back-to-school supplies list when you want to head back to class in style! Click on the image above to see this month’s Edit in full preview (and instantly shop online should you find something you’d can’t live without).


1) The Perfect Planner. 
When Shauna sent us this cute pick from Kate Spade, we couldn’t get over how sweet it was.

We love this great planner for back to school!

We love this great planner for back to school!

As she tells us, “I love this day planner! I love writing things down rather than using my phone, especially when it comes to appointments and activities, so this planner helps this busy mom stay organized without giving up style. ” We also love the larger planner in baby blue, with such an inspirational saying on the front. ($32-38, Indigo, Shauna Johnson)

2) A Backpack to Love.
Stylist Daniele Maxwell tells us, “Jansport backpacks are my go-to for my kids. They are durable, and they carry so many different styles, colors and patterns for both younger and older kids.” We love this on-trend pineapple print for kids young and old.  We are definitely putting Jansport on our back to school supplies list! ($46, Jansport, Daniele Maxwell)

Pineapples are so on-trend!

Pineapples are so on-trend!

3) A Backpack with a Little More Glamour.  We can’t get enough of this super stylish backpack from Urban Outfitters and neither can stylist Emily Blomquist.

We love the detail on this backpack!

We love the detail on this backpack!

She says, “I’m absolutely in love with this backpack. The white color with rose gold hardware is simple yet totally eye catching.” It’s a little pricey, but would make an amazing gift for that hard-to-please teen or tween, and get them super excited about getting back to class. ($90, Urban Outfitters, Emily Blomquist)

4) A Beautiful and Responsible Water Bottle.
We can tell Daniele’s a back to school expert since she’s also found what we think might be the next (and best) “must-have” brand of water bottles.  She tells us, “I am always on the hunt for great BPA free water bottles for myself and my kids. These are my favorites!” ($35, bkr, Daniele Maxwell)

Love this!

Love this water bottle – and it’s BPA free!

5) Lovely Labels.
It is so handy to have adhesive labels on hand when your kids are packing personal items to take to school.  

Minted makes beautiful labels.

Minted makes beautiful labels.

We use labels on shoes, backpacks, notebooks, and water bottles, and are loving these stylish designs from Minted. We also really like Kidecals for durable labels that are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe, BPA free and also a great price (check out the value packs!). Their styles are more kid-friendly than chic. Namebubbles also has similar kid-friendly value packs with custom designs. (Prices Vary, Minted, Stylevise)

6) Lunch, More Organized.
There is something really gratifying about packing lunch in a container as lovely as this one.  

What a beautiful pattern!

What a beautiful pattern!

We are loving the design and function of this awesome bento box that stylist Sarah Larson sent us. As she says, “Pretty much any of the Bento Boxes on this site would be ADORABLE for packing lunches in! ” Check out the awesome options from Pottery Barn too, thanks to Stylist Shauna Johnson for sharing this additional functional find for school lunches. The stainless steel is really functional and great for kids. ($18, Bento&Co, Sarah Larson, Shauna Johnson)

7) A Whole-Lotta-Love-and-Support Notes.
We love the idea of including little “encouragement cards” in your kiddos’ school bags (or even work bags of family members), especially on a test day or when there is a big meeting or presentation on the calendar.

Great idea!

Great idea!

Etsy has a lot of great options, but you can also just use a post-it note. They will feel loved no matter the medium! These cute little school bus stickies, that Stylist Maxine Brady shared with us, could also be great to keep in the kitchen for just this purpose. (Prices vary, Etsy, dotcomgiftshop.com and others, Shauna Johnson, Maxine Brady, and Stylevise )

8) Purposeful Printables to Mark the Big Day.
You’ve seen them all over Facebook – friends marking the big day for their little ones by taking photos on the front porch with a printable sign. We love this very stylish version from Etsy. The start of a great photo – and a great year! ($4.95, EtsyStylevise)

A great photo prop!

A great photo prop!

9) Pretty Pencils.
How fun to be the one to pull these “oh-so-pretty” pencils from your bag in class, suggested by stylist Melissa Guedes? I’m sure these pencils make class (and doing homework) much more fun, inspiring and productive. 

There is something so satisfying about having something beautiful to write with! ($17.98 on sale, NordstromMelissa Guedes)

Love these!

Love these!

10) Monogrammed Meals.
Just one more lunch option that we had to include.  A pick from stylist Kate Maroney, she tells us “I love these monogram lunch boxes below. They could make a great back-to-school gift for your little one.” We think so too! ($20.00, EtsyKate Maroney)

This lunch box has your name all over it :)

This lunch box has your name all over it :)


Well, there it is…our “Stylevised” back to school supplies list, in all its glory!  We hope you have a wonderful end to your summer, and are excited for all that is ahead.

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6 Easy Steps to Create a Gallery Wall You’ll Love

Gallery Wall Cover

Have you been contemplating what to do with that large blank wall in the family room or living room for quite some time? Have you wanted to put up some sort of photo gallery wall like the ones you see all over Pinterest but don’t know where to start or what it exactly entails? If so, then this is the post for you!

With these gallery wall tips and tricks, which were provided to a recent US client from one of our amazingly talented interior stylists in the UK, Maxine Brady, you’ll be well on your way to creating that budget-friendly gallery wall you’ve been wanting in no time.


Before getting started, here’s a list of items you may need to make your photo gallery wall (as suggested by Maxine’s 6 steps below):

  • Paint (potentially needed to add color behind the gallery wall – this can really make your gallery wall pop!)
  • Photo frames in a variety of sizes (more detailed advice below on how to go about selecting the frames perfect for your gallery wall)
  • Pretty, patterned wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper
  • One or two quirky items to mix with the gallery wall of photo frames (more detail below)
  • Pencil, spirit level, tape measurer or ruler, nails or (recommended), command strips


We hope these simple steps will provide you with what you need to easily (and confidently) put up your own photo gallery wall that sings – that is harmonious with your space, personalized and unique to you, and that you (and friends and family) will love!

1. Painting a backdrop. If each of the walls in your space are uniformly painted a light color, Maxine suggests painting the gallery wall a different shade to provide a colorful backdrop that will draw the eye to the photos. In this case, she recommended running the accent paint color across the full length of the room, despite the gallery wall being on only one side of the room.

Paint gives the wall a colorful backdrop that makes the photos pop (above are shades recommended specifically for this client's space)

Paint gives the wall a colorful backdrop that makes the photos pop (above are shades recommended specifically for this client’s space)

2. Gallery wall frames.
Choose frames that match with the furniture (and possibly trim) in the room. In this case, Maxine recommended the client frame her prints in dark wooden frames to coordinate with the wooden furniture in the room. Coordinating the frames with furniture and other room elements will stop the art from looking too ‘messy’ and ‘cluttered’ when arranged. Maxine recommended purchasing Ikea Ribba frames as they are affordable and come in many colors, shapes and sizes, including a ‘box’ frame (like a shadow box) for the framing of more quirky items like a hand cut vintage map letter (more info in step 5) or even small momento’s (like a child’s first pair of shoes). In this case, she recommended purchasing the following frame sizes (7-8 frames total): one at 19’x19’, two 5’x7 rectangles, one 20’x9’ rectangles, and then adding in 3 smaller sizes.

Ikea Ribba frames are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Ikea Ribba frames are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

3. Pretty paper.
 Instead of using white paper mount in all the photo gallery wall frames, back a few of the photo frames with pretty wrapping paper (or potentially scrapbooking paper). Choose pretty paper such as the selection below that brings out other colors and patterns in the room, such as any throw pillows or window treatments.

Paper suggestions Maxine selected to bring out the colors and patterns in the client's cushions.

Paper suggestions Maxine selected to bring out the colors and patterns in the client’s cushions.

4. Photo frame layout and spacing.
 Now, lay out all the frames and any accessories on the floor. Start with your favorite photo frame in the middle, and position all other photo frames around it working outwards in a clockwork pattern. Each piece should be spaced no more than 3 inches apart.

5. Mix in a couple unique, quirky touches.
Mix in 1-2 quirky items with your gallery wall of photo frames, like these book letters from Etsy (similar to those that used to be offered at Anthropologie) or these hand cut, vintage map letters from NotOnTheHighStreet (you can custom pick the map for your hometown). Think of shapes. Mix in round items as well as square within your layout. In this case, Maxine suggested this hanging mirror on a leather strap, indicating that it would pair well with the sofa in the room and add shape and dimension to the wall. On Etsy, you can also get a personalized quote, like a family saying, in a framed image made just for you.

Mix in a few quirky, non-photo options such as these into your gallery wall.

Mix in a few quirky, non-photo options such as these into your gallery wall.

6. Gallery wall frame positioning and mounting.
Now, it’s time to start hanging! The part we probably all dread the most. Start central to the wall with your favorite photo frame positioned directly in the middle of the wall and at eye level. In this case, Maxine recommended positioning the main picture at 59 inches (given the wall was 118 inches wide in total) and at approximately 63 inches off the floor.  Maxine recommends that the lowest photo frame or piece of art should be no lower than 47 inches off the floor (assuming that’s out of arm’s reach and a safe height for any children present). Use a pencil and a level to mark out the position of each piece on the wall (it can be rubbed out afterwards). Invest in command picture strips which allow you to hang and reposition the pictures without putting nails in the wall just in case you make a mistake!

Interior stylist, Maxine, used this photo from the client's Pinterest board as inspiration.

Interior stylist, Maxine, used this photo from the client’s Pinterest board as inspiration.


With these simple steps (and photo wall ideas), we hope you feel inspired to now start your gallery wall project! We were sure excited to learn that creating a gallery wall can actually be both easy on the wallet and a fun and rewarding project after all!? Huge thanks to Maxine! You rock!

If you’d like to read more about this gallery wall Stylevise project (that also included advice for small touches that would improve the overall warmth and flow of her bonus room),  hop on over and read more here.

And remember, should you want a little help or expert guidance to create a gallery wall perfect for your space (and on a budget), Stylevise has many talented interior stylists such as Maxine on the platform who are ready and excited to work with you! Simply tell us some details specific to your gallery wall project (or other interior styling dilemma), and we’ll get to work right away on bringing you proposals free from stylists around the world.


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