Last Minute Thanksgiving: How to Prep and Style a Great Day

last minute thanksgiving

Well that snuck up fast! We can’t believe today’s the day to start prepping the pies, picking up the turkey and  making sure all else is in place for a truly beautiful and fun Thanksgiving!

That said, we feel (like many others) like we should be executing on our game plan already… but we’re still writing this blog post! Whoops! Never fear though, we can tackle this one together with some last minute Thanksgiving tips. Below we have complied some great cheat-sheets and other last-minute resources from around the web that will help you (and us!) effortlessly knock this thing out of the park!

1) Print and follow (even loosely) this great prep timeline.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.12.32 AM

After this posts, we are using this handy sheet to do the last minute Thanksgiving prep we can (in between running to the grocery store and trying to find the good napkins.) It’s definitely not necessary to do everything on here, but it does make you feel better to know what you should be doing when, if you want it to arrive on the table in time. If you’ve really planned nothing yet, take a quick glance on these “genius recipes” from the amazing site Food52. As they say, even if it’s the last minute, just a few quick tricks can take the menu from acceptable to amazing.

2) Style easy, clever table settings with grocery store flowers and some ribbon you have.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.15.19 AM

We love this post from Minted’s blog Julep on how to create simple, lovely tables with very minimal materials.  Given you are reading this last minute Thanksgiving post, we are guessing you definitely did not order flower arrangements from your local florist.  So try this!  This napkin treatment is done with seeded eucalyptus, which would then be pretty to incorporate into a few low, mason jar arrangements of grocery store flowers. If you can’t find eucalyptus at your Whole Foods or other grocery store, I’d just use whatever greenery or baby’s breath they have (or clip a few pretty evergreen branches from outside)

3) Borrow thisThanksgiving activity game plan.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.17.59 AM

An important step in preparing for your fun last minute Thanksgiving is to have a few fresh things to do on Thursday so everyone has fun together, stays away from politics and no one falls asleep on the couch watching football. And don’t worry, you don’t have to waste a minute planning it.  We love this guide of fun activities to do on Thanksgiving, for adults and kids alike.  After the grocery store, I’m stopping at Target to buy a few new games and maybe a new Disney movie.

4) Make yourself a Thanksgiving cocktail.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.12.04 AM

Because it’s going to be okay – especially if you drink this. Buying a few extra ingredients to make this tasty concoction will definitely impress – and make you feel better too.

5) If all else fails, just fake it with this great “Fakesgiving” cheat sheet! (But get to that store quickly before those prepped foods are all gone!)

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.12.53 AM

We love this fun cheat sheet  from Kidecals that reminds us to take it all in stride. Because as long as you are eating something (even a Clif bar) with your family and friends, that is pretty awesome. Well as long as you have that cocktail to go with it.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!!


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Storage Benches: A Round-Up of our Top Picks

storage benches with drawers, storage benches with baskets, storage baskets, mudroom

It seems like, more and more, people are talking about styling and organization going hand-in-hand.  Before a space can really look beautiful, it has to function and serve you, your friends and your family as intended.

We have long thought that it is important to give a lot of thought to the purpose of each area of your home, and the entryway or mudroom is one of the most important spots to do so. In the entryway or mudroom, you want your friends and family to enter with a sense of peace and leave with a sense of preparedness. Storage and organization are thus paramount here.  And one of the easiest ways to get things organized and out of the way is with a great storage bench.

But not just any storage bench! One that looks great, sure, but also one that functions well, is thoughtful, will be easy to clean should it come in contact with muddy boots or paws, and can last through a lot of knocks and bruises.

Here, we’ve collected a selection of practical but also quite lovely storage benches to help you with your efforts to create a stylish but practical entry / exit area in your home.  We’ve also given a lot of points to unique designs that will add character and personality with your space.  So without further ado, our picks!


1) The Mid Century Storage Bench from West Elm.

storage bench, unique storage bench, storage bench with drawers, mudroom storage bench

We love this bench for its simple good looks, its respectable shape and clear sense of purpose, and for the unique way it offers a small table and a sitting area – as well as drawers! It is unexpected, full of personality, and great for those with a mid-century or more organic modern look in their home.

2) The Swedish Storage Bench from Wisteria.

storage bench, mudroom bench, entry bench

Gosh, isn’t this one a beauty? We are sure there are many folks out there who would love to open their front door and see this little beauty waiting for them to take out their boots and enter the home. We have such a love of this kind of Swedish design look – so graceful and honest.  What a beautiful cushion on top too!

3) The Teca Storage Trunk-Bench from Crate & Barrel.

storage bench, storage bench entryway, mudroom storage bench, mudroom bench

Here’s another option for those of you looking for storage benches with a slightly more modern design.  This is such a smart one! The reclaimed teak is so tough and durable, and when you open the bench, you see the storage container is made with a mesh-like steel bottom for ventilation.

4) The Wade Entryway Bench from Pottery Barn.

entryway bench, mudroom bench, storage bench

We don’t love all the storage benches at Pottery Barn (sometimes the designs are a little too shabby chic for our tastes), but the clean look of this entryway bench has really got us excited. It is extra long and has four drawers (many of the designs out there only have 3), so we love that with the Wade bench, everyone in our family of 4 could have their own drawers. And with the drawers measuring 12.5″ w x 13.5″ d x 8.5″ h each, that is a lot of room for hats and go-to shoes (especially for our little ones!)

5) The Steel Locker Bench from ArtspaceIndustrial (via Etsy).

storage bench, mudroom bench, entry bench

If you are looking for storage benches that are truly unique, Etsy is a great place to start looking. We loved all the selections of storage benches from this Etsy store called ArtspaceIndustrial, all made from lockers and very cool-looking. For the right space, this entry bench would really pop.

6) Amazing Antique 19th Century Hungarian Bench via Chairish.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.24.55 PM

Chairish is a new website that is also an amazing place to find unique items, including this antique bench that we simply cannot get enough of. This would look amazing in your home and really warm up the space with character and vintage appeal.

7) The Metal Storage Bench via Wayfair.

storage bench, mudroom bench, entryway bench

If you are looking for storage benches that are inexpensive and blend with a variety of decor types, this is a great option. You could style it in a variety of ways with throw pillows and different kinds of baskets. The casters make it super flexible and able to move to various areas of your home. It could be a great coffee table too!

8) Brisbane Acacia Storage Bench in White via Joss & Main.

storage bench, mudrom bench, entryway bench

We wanted to round out our picks (which have included many modern and unique options) with a traditional option for those of you among us who are looking for more classic storage benches. This storage bench from Joss & Main is a charming design that just says, “home.” And who wouldn’t want to see that when they walk in the door?


Thanks so much for checking out our round-up! Please let us know any storage benches you’ve admired or had great success with in the comments below!

(Note: affiliate links have been used in this post.)

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Puppy Prep: Stylish Picks to Prepare for a New Dog

Puppy Prep Edit


We are so excited to be welcoming a puppy into our home soon! And, of course, we’re having fun decorating an area of our home, as our version of “puppy prep!”

We’ve picked a corner of the mudroom just for her, and are styling it with a great bed, some fun dog-inspired prints, and space for storing toys, leashes and dog-poo pick-up bags, so they are all right there when we need them!

We wanted to share our little vision for our puppy area with those of you also welcoming a puppy to your home soon. This is our own take on a “puppy preparation checklist,” for sure, but one that will definitely make your puppy feel comfortable and really at home.  (Please note, this post uses affiliate links.)


1. Dog Surfing Print by Helen Wu. We love this stylish print from Minted Art, and are looking forward to hanging it low above her little bed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.43.12 PM

2. Vintage Stripe Dog Bed. This dog bed from Harry Barker has a great classic look. We also appreciate that they are machine washable and eco-friendly.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.31.59 PM

3. Stainless Steel Dog Bowls. Also from Harry Barker, we love the clean, minimal look of these bowls that are super practical but also very pretty.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.28.07 PM

4. All Dogs Go to Heaven Print by Michelle Waldie. This is a really neat, subtle print of the Canis Major (or Great Dog) constellation, which we think will be lovely hanging in our puppy’s new home.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.39.26 PM

5. Shibori Dog Leash. This lovely Shibori-dyed dog leash from the BlinkThings shop on Etsy is offered in a variety of sizes and colors. We love the sophisticated look.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.34.02 PM

6. Freestanding Pet Gate. It seems like pet gates have come a long way since we had our last dog, or maybe we just didn’t look hard enough for the good-looking ones like this option from Wayfair. We love how this is freestanding so we can move it around once we figure out where exactly the puppy will spend most of her time in the house, and we really like that it is actually attractive, and won’t hurt our walls.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.23.01 PM

7. Seagrass Wall Basket. We think that it is critical to keep our dog’s new stuff (treats, toys, leash and other items) all in one place and off the floor. We look forward to hanging this by her area of the mudroom so that everyone knows where to store her stuff.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.25.08 PM

We can’t wait to put together this lovely corner for our pup. Let us know how you are decorating a corner of your house for your pet, or how you would like to!

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Post Halloween Checklist and Getting Ready for Next Year

Halloween Checklist

We’re calling it…Halloween 2015 was a great one! For us, it’s about our kids getting older and enjoying the holiday more and more. We are getting into it in a whole new way as well, including styling and decorating for the holidays and creating fun events for the kiddos and the whole family to share.

That said, all this celebrating has left us with a little bit of a post Halloween cleanup hangover. We have a lot to do to put the house back together and get ready for the holidays ahead!

We think there are some smart ways to get the cleanup accomplished that will leave us a lot better off for next year. So, we thought we’d share our 5-point post Halloween cleanup checklist with you, in case any of these ideas were helpful as you look to recover and prepare for the upcoming holiday season. We’d love to hear yours too, so feel free to leave us any other ideas or thoughts in the comments!

1) Pack away this year’s decorations in an organized way.
We had a lot of stuff out for Halloween this year. We decorated the front porch and entryway in a much bigger way than in years past and also had multiple kid “Pumpkin Parties” and “Fall Fests” to which we contributed a ton of decorations, activities and food. After breaking it all down, the kitchen is now filled with decorations, excess craft supplies, and tons of other post Halloween detritus.

Time to get the organization party started!

Time to get the organization party started!

We’re keen on organizing all this stuff in a way that makes it easy to get out and use next year. We are using different bins for decorations that are used for different areas of the house. Then, we’re using separate containers for materials that could be used at the kids’ parties next year.  All will be clearly labeled and stored together! We are also saving items from post Halloween sales in these bins (all which makes donating them to schools a lot easier – see more below) and a few items I’d like to use for an adult Halloween party next year!

2) Keep handy the things you can use for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday decorating.

Love this project via Simply Happenstance (photo credit Simply Happenstance)

Love this project via Simply Happenstance (photo credit Simply Happenstance)

Although we’ve been quite organized about packing away the majority of the Halloween decorations,we are definitely re-purposing all the white gourds, ghost pumpkins and other kinds of interesting-looking squash that the kids brought home from the pumpkin farm. These will be fun to use for Thanksgiving decorating.  We’ve seen tons of fun, interesting tabletop decoration ideas on Pinterest (you can check out our board here – we’re loving that succulent-filled pumpkin!). Some of these could be really fun DIY projects to take on with the kids.

We’re also keeping out the white patio extension cords that were purchased for the spooky porch decorations, to use for the holiday porch lights that will be up shortly! Tucked away in the front hall closet, it’ll be one less thing to pull out of the crawl space when it comes time to decorate for the winter holidays.

3) Make notes about what worked and what didn’t.

We did a lot this Halloween!  And while all of it was fun, some of it was just totally exhausting and not exactly worth it. We’re keeping a list of things we enjoyed and a list of the things we didn’t. We’re also thinking about the traditions I’d like to keep alive for next year and making sure we put a priority on those! You can even store these notes in the bins with the decorations so they are easy to reference next year.

Quick notes on how to make those parties work better next year!

Quick notes on how to make those parties work better next year!

With all the school parties we helped with this year, we definitely have some learnings about what to do and what not to do for next year. So, we are saving our notes and will incorporate those learnings into next year’s efforts! We have to say, tools like SignUp Genius continue to impress us with their ability to make event planning and volunteering across groups much simpler and easier. If you are planning a school or work event, you must check it out!

4) Take a minute to shop the post-holiday sales.

There are deals to be had!

There are deals to be had!

In past years, we have not been great about making the effort to get out there and shop the sales. But with more and more events coming up as our kids get older, and their interest in holiday crafts and projects grows, it makes a lot of sense to check them out. Here are some of our favorite post-holiday sales – check them out quickly:

  • Grandin Road: lots of creepy decor.  We love this spooky skeleton dog, marked down to $19, and think it will look super scary in the front yard next year! Currently, Halloween items are marked down another 50% already reduced prices.
  • Michael’slots of crafts supplies for Halloween parties on sale now at up to 80% off. It’s fun and easy to pick up extra items for crafts and school parties next year. The Martha Stewart crafts are always great, but you may have to go in the store to get the best deals.
  • Crate and Barrel: pillows and other accessories, with a slightly modern twist. We like their decor display items, like this spooky village ($14.97), for an entryway.
  • Williams Sonoma: fun party ware and cooking accessories, great for starting family traditions! We just bought this Halloween pancake mold on sale ($5.99) and are excited about starting Halloween with a haunted pancake-themed breakfast going forward!

5) Treasure and preserve the memories you made this year – and think ahead to what you want to create for next year!

Take the time after the craziness of the actual day to remember what was particularly fun about this holiday. Savor those memories and just enjoy what was so great about them!

What was your favorite experience of the holiday? Ask your kids and family what they liked best or had most fun doing? You can add notes to your calendar about what events you attended that you’d like to attend again next year. (I know I’m also adding ideas to my Pinterest page of things I didn’t do but would like to try next year, like make these amazing black vodka cocktails from Martha Stewart.)

We're making one of our favorite photos of the night into a water bottle for the boys to take to school.

We’re making one of our favorite photos of the night into a water bottle for the boys to take to school.

Did you have a favorite photo of the night? Above is ours (my son and his best bud playing up their Star Wars characters). We are making the photo into a water bottle for the two of them to take to school so they can remember what a great day they had together during Halloween 2015. I’m also saving all the sweet holiday art projects and decor they made in their annual “bins” so that I can use them in a photo book (like this one from PlumPrint) at the end of the year.

You can also start some new, post-Halloween family traditions  that are meaningful to your kids, like donating part of their Halloween loot  to a local homeless shelter or donating the UNICEF money they received to a local Coinstar machine.


Do you have any other suggestions on things to do post Halloween that will help you better execute plans for next year, make more memories, and enjoy yourself?  We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Style Your Vacation Rental and Make More Money


There’s nothing better than a beautiful hotel room, right? A place you can escape to, that makes you feel like you are living a brand-new adventure for awhile. Hotels know that interesting, beautiful spaces let them charge high rates and keep their guests coming back.

But do you know that a beautifully styled (and photographed) vacation rental can make your property or AirBNB home stand out, get chosen over others and make more money for you?


We want to share our professional tricks for styling and photographing your vacation rental or AirBNB home so you can increase bookings, charge higher rates and make more money now. Take a look at the tips below and see what you can incorporate into your vacation rental or AirBNB listing today.

And remember, small design changes do not have to be expensive or even that big!? The exciting part about style and design is that, if done smartly, you can make a big impact even if you are on a budget, with just some minor (but thoughtful) improvements.

If you’d like to work with a top, experienced stylist to get personalized and reasonably priced advice on how to improve your vacation rental visually, visit Stylevise to find talented stylists and designers ready and excited to work with you from anywhere in the world. (Soon, we may even be able to find you an interior photographer to really bring the beauty of your place to life!) Trust us, seeking a bit of help from a talented stylist with experience in this space can really pay off. In the meanwhile, check out the tips below to get started!


1. Think: happy, fresh, clean.

Clean and fresh with pops of color. Image via Airbnb (click image for listing).

Clean and fresh with pops of color. Image via Airbnb (click image for listing).

Overall, when it comes to the ideal design style for vacation rentals, we think you should stay minimal, happy and fresh. The above example is a great one. There is personality, but it is also clean and simple. How many times have we wished that those ugly ski condos we are pouring over had a few less animal heads, plaid blankets and knotty pine, and were just a little, ahem, less complicated?

Simple, white and clean is a great foundation. Then, when it comes to accessories or layering, you can add more visual interest, such as an accent wall of wallpaper, interesting shelf styling or a compelling gallery wall that just says, “someone cool lives here.” It’s a great reason to take a trip to Ikea, or check out some of these new retail “Ikea challengers” on the scene. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a few fresh pieces to keep things looking light, bright and welcoming.

2. Keep your ideal guests (and what they need) top-of-mind.

A kid friendly room via Kid & Coe. Image via Kid & Coe (click on image for link).

A kid friendly room via Kid & Coe. Image via Kid & Coe (click on image for link).

Think about the type of guests you are trying to attract and put yourself in their shoes…their mindset. What kind of items would they need to make their vacation or short-term stay a success? What kinds of spaces can you showcase, that shows them why your vacation rental is designed and meant just for them?

If you are targeting families, add a few photos showing stylish wooden toys in the kitchen or at the farmhouse table. Kid&Coe does an amazing job showing families how great its vacation rentals will fit their lifestyle perfectly.

3. Tell your unique story.

We love Lana's amazing Nashville Airbnb. Image via (click on image to access link).

We love Lana’s amazing Nashville Airbnb. Image via (click on image to access link).

When it comes down to it, no one wants to stay in a stale hotel room, and no one really wants to stay in a stale vacation rental. The whole point (besides saving some money) is to experience a more personal place and get to know a new place a little better through the home (and eyes!) of the host.

So use your collections and your unique taste to show your guests who you are. You should still probably clear out the family photographs (people you don’t know staring at you is just creepy), but artifacts, souvenirs, and other collections can really be beautiful and interesting if curated, collected and displayed right. Your photographer can really help bring this story to life in the way she photographs and in the way she highlights the small, interesting details. Check out this amazing Nashville Airbnb from stylist and designer Lana Katsaros, perfectly styled with unique items and details.

4. Style “vignettes” and include them in your photo slideshow.

Love this stylish vignette from Lana and the Rich Hippies House (click on image in link).

Love this stylish vignette from Lana and the Rich Hippies House (click on image in link).

Part of telling your unique story means including “vignettes” that help bring it to life.  And as this article from the Airbnb blog states, “Show guests how they would live in your home.” This helps them viscerally imagine the amazing vacation or stay they will have there.

Notably, we love a space that uses vintage treasures to add personality, warmth and texture. In a vacation rental spot, some great vintage-y pieces to add might include an antique luggage rack, a beautiful old wastepaper basket, a neat old clock, or an antique decanter and crystal glass.  These types of items are fun to find in consignment or rummage shops, do not have to cost a lot of money, and make for really great, interesting details that will really catch the eye of those reviewing the photos of your online listing.

5. Add some (plant) life. 

Beautiful cottage in New Orleans (click on image for link).

Beautiful cottage in New Orleans (click on image for link).

As Stylevise stylist Susie Roupe tells us, “Always have a plant in the room! Adding flowers or a houseplant is like instant energy in a space.” We like orchids or ferns in the bathroom (long lasting and they love humidity!). Costco can be a great place to pick up some long-lasting, affordable plant life for your vacation rental.

We aren’t scared of fake plants in an entryway or bookshelf either (might be especially useful in a rental!) We think HomeGoods has some amazing fake plants that will make your photos look great, and also brighten the room when your guests walk in.

6. Use some stylish signage. 

Logo developed for a friend's family mountain cabin.

Logo developed for a friend’s family mountain cabin.

We have all seen and are hopefully using the super cute WIFi password signage that is available for free all over Pinterest. (Hopefully you don’t have a long, wacky WiFi password like ours that Verizon won’t let you change, either.)  We know that it is always helpful (and saves you headaches as well) to put together a binder of “house notes” like how to turn on the shower, where the thermostat is, etc.

But, if you want to go one step further, you could even use graphic design to give your vacation spot its own brand! One of our best friends has totally taken her vacation rental to the next level by creating a logo for it and using it on tags, napkins and other linens! And we are constantly inspired by our event designer / sister who makes the most amazing wedding printables for the gift baskets filled with places to visit and restaurants to try. You could create a logo and use it on paper napkins or that binder of house notes we were taking about above. What a super cool project and fun way to make others remember and think about your property!

Maybe you have a great graphic designer friend who could help you with a project like that (we have one who would be awesome at this kind of thing, and you can contact her here!) Alternatively, you could use one of many very cool new websites that specialize in helping you get quick and inexpensive graphic design.  Or you can even try our favorite DIY-graphic design website, Canva, and make one yourself free!  As we design-ites know, a little graphic design (as with all design) goes a long way! These are the details that will often have guests coming back again, too.

7. Offer some interesting edibles.

Awesome snacks from the Rich Hippies house in Nashville (click on image for link).

Awesome snacks from the Rich Hippies house in Nashville (click on image for link).

Ahh, not those kind of edibles! (Ok, we’re from Colorado but we are not those kind of girls, people!) We’re talking about a cute basket of some great snacks or a small split of “house” wine to welcome your hungry guests home. Or, possibly some glass vases filled with Jelly Bellies or M&Ms on the entryway table? We’d even include a shot of these small goodies in the photo slideshow, so they know that your rental is one with perks.

If you want to take it to the next level, have fun with a couple local brands and maybe tell the story of where they are from. Maybe a local company would even send you some free samples, in exchange for you acting as a local ambassador for the brand! In any case, local treats (and beverages) are always appreciated!

8. Optimize your outdoor space, and show it in action!

Love this pretty outdoor porch in upstate New York. Image via Airbnb (click image for link).

Love this pretty outdoor porch in upstate New York. Image via Airbnb (click image for link).

Creating an outdoor gathering area is easy to pull together. The above listing is a great example. A few fresh throw pillows and maybe a string of restaurant lights make the area look newly inviting and make guests imagine the fun they will have there, drinking a glass of wine after a day of exploration in your city or town.

When you or your photographer take pictures of the space, whether a large patio or small balcony, consider laying out a bottle of wine and a cheese plate (or similar) to help your future guests imagine the relaxing times they will enjoy there.


We hope these tips and tricks help you style your vacation rental – and make it into a more effective and lucrative vacation rental or AirBNB listing! You can check out images of spaces we really love on our Vacation Rental Style We Love Pinterest page.

Are you an Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway or Kid&Coe host with tips to share?  Or maybe you are a stylist or designer with expertise in styling vacation rentals? Please share any of your style or hosting tricks below! We would absolutely love to hear from you.

Stylevise is a cool new place where you can find stylists and designers who are easy to work with and really want to help you. They love interesting, unique projects like styling Airbnb or VRBO rentals, and are all totally committed to helping your execute your vision, whether big or small in scope. Check out the creative individuals who are on the Stylevise platform here. It’s easy to submit a dilemma today and get free proposals from stylists and designers all offering exciting, budget-friendly solutions.



An HGTV Stylist For You: Meet Susie Roupe via Stylevise

An interview with HGTV stylist & designer Susie Roupe

We are so pleased this week to introduce you to the lovely stylist and designer Susie Roupe of Atlanta, GA. She is a designer, stylist and art director new to the Stylevise platform – and has a ton of amazing experience styling and designing interiors and events.

Why do YOU need to know Susie? With her great eye and can-do personality, she can quickly and easily take your space or event to the next level – and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it! Plus, how many hours have we spent watching HGTV, wishing we could get one of those great stylists to help us with OUR home?! So, let us properly introduce you…featuring (drumroll please) Susie Roupe in our monthly Stylist Spotlight series.


Stylist Susie Roupe

Q. Hey Susie! We are SO excited to get to know you better. You are new to the Stylevise platform, and we are thrilled to hear about so many of your experiences and styling tips! Can you start by telling us about your styling and design specialties?

Susie: I love designing spaces in homes that feel personal and vibrant. Interior styling is my favorite, but I love event styling as well! Making a party have that “bam factor” really makes me happy. I also love working with florals. It’s a new area I’m learning, and I absolutely love it.

Q: How did you get started styling?

Susie: After years working for a home improvement retailer in design for visual merchandising and just helping friends decorate as a hobby, I went to work as designer/stylist on an HGTV show. The work was so fulfilling! Seeing homeowners light up when they walked into their newly designed spaces warms my heart. Taking a room lacking style and direction and transforming it into a beautiful space makes my heart skip a beat!

Q. Tell us about a styling or design project you’ve recently completed, and what you enjoyed most about it.

: It would have to be turning a client’s traditional and lackluster guest room into a transitional retreat full of color and personality! The project was a great example of how the best part about working with clients is getting to know them so that I can give them a design that reflects who they are and what they love. A home should always be a reflection of its occupants. And adding those personal details that speak to the homeowners is such a treat!

Q. Given your emphasis on really getting to know your clients, how does your design process help make sure you really understand their wants and needs?

Susie: When working with my clients, I go through a question and answer process to really zone in on what they’re looking for and narrow down their style. But more than just the technical process, I think it works because I just really love helping people discover their personal style. And, I prioritize the relationship. Creating a personal relationship is key to creating the best outcome for a client.


Q.We know you love Pinterest and Instagram for staying inspired and up to date on the latest trends.  What style and design trends are you loving right now?

Susie: I’m loving that light, bright colors are in for interiors with more of a focus on layering textures. This makes a room look cozy and sunny all at once.

Q. Is there a place that gets you really inspired when it comes to style and design?

Susie: It’s hard to choose! Santorini, Greece inspires me to use bright colors and sun-bleached whites. It’s about paring down to the essentials – minimalism but with maximum life enjoyment!

Q. Ok, we ask everyone this one! Please share one of your “styling secrets” with our readers.

Susie: Always have a plant in the room! Adding flowers or a houseplant is like instant energy in a space.

Q. This interview has already taught us much more about you. Before we sign off, and in the name of close working relationships, tell us a few of your favorite ways to spend your time…and one fun fact that we definitely did NOT know about you.

Susie: Well, my favorite things to do are seeing live music and then eating at a dive restaurant or watching a funny movie. One fact you didn’t know about me? When I’m stressed, I watch unexpected animal friendship videos on YouTube. There’s nothing cuter and more relaxing than a baby deer playing with a Great Dane!

Susie, thanks for getting personal with us, and letting us get to know you better! We couldn’t be more excited to have Susie as one of the talented stylists and designers here on the Stylevise platform.

Also, nothing (really, nothing!) could make us happier than giving our clients and readers the chance to interact with Susie, and make their own space (or event) look like the “after” of an awesome HGTV show. Susie, thanks so much for sharing your talent with us as well as those who come to Stylevise looking for the chance to connect with an expert like you!

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Decorating on a Budget: 5 Tips For Saving Money

Photo: Ikea

Photo: Ikea


Is there a specific space in your home you’re currently looking to renovate or decorate? Maybe you’d simply love to style up the front porch this fall to get you in the fall spirit (or catch the eye and compliments of neighbors passing by)? Or maybe you’ve been thinking it’d be fun add a “wow” factor to your fireplace mantle with some new holiday decorations this year?

Well, we thought we would share a few tips and tricks that might make decorating on a budget just a tad more possible and fun…help you save some money (if you’re into that sorta thing!). So, here goes…

1. Shop Target with Cartwheel
Who doesn’t love Target!? Target can be a fabulous place to shop when looking for affordable, on-trend, and stylish home decor – specifically home accessories, accent pieces, lamps, bedding and linens and seasonal decorations. They are known for partnering with some talented designers to offer designer brands, or simply new product lines that are high in style, at lower price points (think Nate Berkus, Lily Pulitzer, Dwell Studio, Oh Joy!).

Now, let’s get you saving even more on those Target purchases using Target’s mobile app, Cartwheel. You can download the Cartwheel app, get coupons across nearly every category at Target and apply them at checkout for instant savings. A few example Cartwheel offers we have used in the past include 25% off all lighting, 20% off Nate Berkus bedding and linens, 40% off Halloween costumes (for one day only), and 25% off outdoor furniture and accessories.

Here’s how it works: simply open the app, search the offers by category (new offers are added daily), “add the offer” to your saved Cartwheel offers, show the cashier your personal mobile barcode at checkout and instantly save. It feels good to see your total drop down instantly (and helps justify buying the extras that landed in your cart)! You can click here for more information on how the Cartwheel app works.

You can often save 15-30% on home decor and accessories with Target's Cartwheel app, perfect for home decorating on a budget

You can often save 15-30% on home decor and accessories at Target with the Cartwheel app

2. Browse and shop the Craigslist app for very specific items you’re looking for
We don’t recommend shopping Craigslist all that often, but the free Craigslist App itself can make it really easy to search and find specific (often bigger ticket items) you’re looking for and get them brand new at a fraction of the cost you’d pay in the store or online from the retailer. Let’s explain this decorating on a budget tip a little further…

You see, many people will purchase “final sale” items or floor models at places like West Elm, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Room & Board and so on…then get home to find that it doesn’t fit, the spouse didn’t like it, they changed their minds on the look they were going for or they have to unexpectedly move and can’t take it with them. Or, you will also sometimes find an interior designer posting a slew of new, high-end furniture and home decor items she purchased to show and/or stage a custom model home but that now need to go. Because these brand new (sometimes custom-ordered) items can’t be returned, they get posted to Craigslist – and usually at a much lower cost than the retail price you would pay in the store or online.

Using the Craigslist App is a super easy and visual way to browse and shop Craigslist for very specific, new items you are looking for. Download the app and set your preferences so it shows only the listings that are “By Owner” (avoiding “By Dealer” listings), from your city or cities of interest and with images. The app will save your past search queries so you can easily check it every few days or so to see if something new pops up, without typing in the specific item you’re looking for each time. You can also add a listing to your “favorites” if you want to save it for later or watch to see how long it’s been posted.

Example of searching the Craigslist App for a specific West Elm sofa to find an Interior Designer selling it from a staged home

Example of searching the Craigslist App for a specific West Elm sofa to find an Interior Designer selling it from a staged home

3. Leverage promo codes, in-store coupons and insider discounts
Google is a great source for finding coupons and discounts that will help make decorating on a budget easier. For example, if you know you’re about to make a Home Depot purchase, enter “Home Depot coupon” into Google, select “Images” from the top navigation bar and see if you find a coupon you can use for instant savings online or in the store. Just recently, we did this from our phone while shopping in a Home Depot store and found the below 20% off in-store coupon. The cashier had no problem applying it at checkout, making a $300 purchase come down to $240. Nice! 

A recent coupon used in store at Home Depot

A recent coupon used in store at Home Depot

There are also other coupon apps you can download to your phone and browse, such as the RetailMeNot app, which has online coupon codes for just about any retailer. Many retailers, such as West Elm, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn, will also have other insider discounts you can take advantage of, such as a 10% “New Movers” discount that you can often ask for if you call an in-store sales representative. Your realtor (and sometimes teachers) can also get 10-20% off purchases at stores like West Elm, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. A really great thing to try when it comes to decorating on a budget!

4. Buy gift cards at a discount on
Not one we’ve personally used yet, but it’s a rather cool concept. is an online marketplace where you can easily shop discounted gift cards that will help you when it comes to decorating on a budget. It’s a trusted source where you can easily search for gift cards by category (e.g. home and garden, electronics, arts and crafts) and save anywhere from 5-30%. For example, today there are several gift cards listed from Home Depot, Pottery Barn, TJ Maxx, Williams-Sonoma, Ikea, Sur la table and more. For example, there is a gift card to Pier I Imports for $120 being sold for $91 (valid in store and with no expiration date).

You can also use to sell gift cards you know you'll never use!

You can also use to sell gift cards you know you’ll never use!

5. Work with an interior designer to shop smarter and access trade discounts 
Working with an in-person interior designer can be intimidating and out of budget for many. But that’s why, at Stylevise, we love that we get to connect people with talented e-designers and stylists each day so they can get accessible and affordable help styling and decorating their home and other spaces, no matter how big or small the project. And many of our interior e-designers and stylists love the challenge of decorating on a budget or even specialize in decorating on a budget! Working with a designer virtually can help you save money (and a lot of time and stress). So yes, you pay a design fee, but they ultimately help you shop smarter…by working with you to buy only the staple items you need, repurposing or re-using existing items you already own, and getting you exclusive trade discounts that they have access to, passing along the savings to you. I

Stylevise is a place to discover, meet and interact with talented designers and stylists to help you create the space, look, event or photos you’ve been dreaming of – and help you when it comes to decorating on a budget. It’s totally free to get proposals from stylists ready and excited to work with you. Meet our talented stylists and designers today!